I have been investigating the way in which my mind has altered my memories, especially from childhood. Through dwelling on the past I have lost some of the original content and have disintegrated parts.  The more a moment is recalled, the less precise it becomes. The most inaccurate memories from childhood are the ones I have fixated on. The intimate space of a bedroom allows me to represent the personal distorted recollections. The bedroom furniture is missing parts, shifted in height and placement or combined together. Bedrooms are spaces where dreaming, sleeping and reverie take place leading to even more fragmenting. In hand carving and making the furniture from the soft balsa wood subtle shifts happen. Slight imperfections in the hand detailing and the lightness of the material make it distinguishable from the objects we interact with every day. Placing the dioramas inside shows what is kept internally. These inside spaces can be disorienting due to doubling through mirrors or reflection. At some angles, when looking in, the viewer can see their own reflection and then become aware of themselves. This act mimics looking inside yourself to find out something and becoming more self-aware. The doubling is a way to hold on to something longer. If one possesses multiples and one is lost then there are others to replace it. The dioramas create a new home environment separate from the usual, becoming unhomely.